"We hope our lives as explorers and artists will always inspire people to immerse themselves in the natural world" - Gary and Joanie McGuffin

Group of Seven Heritage Landscapes

The McGuffin Explorer NFT series depicts a perfect symmetry of the natural world and our human place within it. The McGuffin images capture artfully through their peerless landscape photography simple, evocative, timeless themes of unsurpassed beauty, dramatic, ever-changing vistas and nature’s four-season splendor – locked forever in a unique image than binds its owner to protect nature for generations to come.

ONE of A Kind

Group of Seven NFT’s

10 000 Original NFT’s Drop Minting Soon
Own your original piece of Group of Seven History

Our Published Books

The many journeys and conservation efforts of Gary and Joanie McGuffin have been published in beautifully illustrated books.

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