Superior Book CoverSuperior: Journeys On An Inland Sea is the inspiring story of Gary and Joanie McGuffin’s 2,000 – mile circumnavigation of Lake Superior, the largest expanse of fresh water in the world.

Through a richly personal narrative and 140 spectacular colour photographs, taken during their self-propelled journeys – by canoe and kayak, hiking, skiing and snowshoeing – the McGuffins relate their fascinating tale of adventure and reveal the astonishing beauty of the Lake Superior wilderness in all four seasons.

The McGuffins have a unique sense of the natural world. They lead us to an understanding of this Great Lake not only as a powerful part of the Earth’s freshwater system, but also as a fragile place of mystery and spirit.

It is Joanie and Gary’s hope that this book will inspire us to embark on our own journeys into wild places and that through appreciating the wonders of nature first-hand, we will become a less consumptive species and respect the Earth as the home we share with all other living things.

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