The McGuffins Journeys

We have always thought of going on wilderness journeys as a way of life. One adventure leads to another in a circle that gets more and more connected over time. Our first three long distance travels set the stage for our life and gave us a personal mission. When we backpacked the Appalachian Trail, we were travelling at human speed through the seasons from the southern Carolinian forest of Georgia to the northern Boreal forest of Maine. When we set off in our canoe from the Gulf of St. Lawrence paddling across a continent toward the Beaufort Sea, we were connecting the ancient water highways laid out by glacial melt waters ten millennium ago. Our bicycle journey was different again as we followed roads connecting communities through the most incredibly varied terrain: Arctic tundra, Pacific coast, Rocky Mountains, Prairies, Great Lakes forest, the Gaspe, Atlantic Ocean. All these experiences have given us the Big 3-D picture of the connection between land, water and air, and how we are all connected to it through time and space. It fosters a sense of wonder that can enrich every human life.

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