Quetico Book CoverThe year 2009 marks the Centennial anniversary of Quetico Provincial Park, a 4,760 sq.km. (1,800 sq.mi) area west of Lake Superior and north of Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area. This magnificent landscape of over 600 lakes in the heart of North America is linked by an intricate web of rivers and trails, and forms one of the greatest paddling paradises on Earth.

In 130 stunning colour images, adventure photo-journalists Gary and Joanie McGuffin guide us by canoe and snowshoe through the four seasons of Quetico’s wilderness.

Between these pages you will discover the timeless beauty of sunsets and waterfalls, succulent blueberries, lofty pine, and wild animals – sights and sounds that can only be experienced at the speed of a paddled canoe.

The McGuffins take you to the cliffside rock art on Darkwater, Agnes, Quetico and Kawnipi lakes. These are amond the largest concentrations of pictographs in North America. And, as the McGuffins discovered, every step you take on the trails linking these lakes follows a route traversed by people and animals for more than 10,000 years.

Let this book be an inspiration to planning your own adventure into Quetico’s benevolent spirit. With an inquiring mind and ever open eyes, you too, will discover that it may change your life forever.

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