Wilderness Ontatio Book CoverIn 240 stunning colour images, adventure photojournalists Gary and Joanie McGuffin guide us on a journey through Ontario’s vast wilderness landscape.

Ontario stretches from the Carolinian forests along the shores of Lake Erie to the polar bear’s realm on the artic tundra at Hudson Bay, and from Lake of the Woods and the boreal forest of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park in the west to the white pines in the southeastern limits of the Ottawa Valley.

It is easy to forget that not so long ago all of Ontario was wilderness. For thousands of years, indigenous people maintained an intimate relationship with the Great Lakes, the northern boreal forests and the myriad rivers systems of this land, its waters and its wildlife. The needs of our modern, largely urban society have greatly diminished the province’s wilderness areas and many species of wildlife. In some places, they have disappeared altogether.

The images in this book remind us that, through the land, we are linked to the seasons an to the 10,000 generations who were here before us. Ontario’s remaining wilderness is ours to appreciate and preserve.

Gary and Joanie McGuffin have experienced and photographed many of the most wild regions of the province, through all four seasons and over many years. The result is a dramatic and moving collection of their best Ontario images – images that encourage personal reflection and engage our sense of wonder at the natural world around us.

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